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The wardrobe is an integral part of any interior. Of course, its main task is to store things. At the same time, it is desirable that more things could fit in there. Fitting all the necessary things and at the same time not letting the closet take up almost the entire space of the room is not an easy task. In this case, wardrobes come to the rescue, they are made to order according to the size of the place that is chosen for the wardrobe. But there is not always a financial opportunity to pay for an individual order, so the VERDI factory offers you ready-made wardrobe solutions that we can manufacture, taking into account your wishes for dimensions.

The VERDI factory produces free-standing wardrobes, cabinets and dressers from veneered chipboard and laminated chipboard. For sliding systems Braun, Kraft, Astin, Raumplus are used. All wardrobes not only fit perfectly into any of the interiors, but also perfectly cope with their purpose – wardrobes and dressers are roomy, and the quality of the material used in the production of furniture is of the highest quality. This allows you to serve furniture for many, many years.

We bring to your attention ready-made models of wardrobes and dressers that the VERDI factory is ready to offer you to choose from. Here you will see wardrobes for bedrooms, and for living rooms, and even cabinets that fit perfectly into the interior of the kitchen. We have developed special wardrobes and dressers for the children’s room, which not only perfectly fit things for studying and playing, but also create its own unique atmosphere in the room. In such a room, your child will always be able to enjoy games, and doing homework will turn into a pleasure for both you and your baby.

Special attention should be paid to the cabinets that the VERDI factory produces for balconies. You often put those things on the balcony, which did not fit in the pantry. And there are practically no pantries left in the houses. Thus, the closet on the balcony performs not only the function of storing things, but also creates additional comfort and order. This means that on the balcony, in addition to storing household items, you can also spend time relaxing, and nothing will bother you.

You can also choose a decoration for a sliding door system when you order our wardrobes. Mirrored doors create a feeling of additional space, which will visually increase the area where the closet will be located.

If you have non-functional places in your house or apartment, we can offer you racks or cabinets that will discreetly fit into the interior and give you the opportunity to store things.

Photos of cabinets of our production
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