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Upholstered furniture in any interior is that element which creates additional comfort and helps to emphasize the uniqueness of the room. After all, everyone likes to sit down or lie down on a soft sofa or chair. And it is important to feel comfortable and convenient there, but not every piece of upholstered furniture can boast of. Sometimes you look – it’s beautiful, and you are drawn to sit there or to plop down. But expectations and reality are far from each other. That is why manufacture of upholstered furniture must be approached professionally and, of course, with love.

The VERDI factory is one of those who manufacture all furniture, including upholstered furniture, using all modern technologies, and choose only high-quality and certified raw materials. That is why all the company’s products serve for many years, without losing their visual appeal.

Special attention should be paid to the comfort of upholstered furniture.

It will be difficult to get up from the chairs and sofas of the Verdi factory. You will experience such comfort sitting on our furniture, which is so often wanted and rarely found anywhere.

The appearance of furniture depends only on individual preferences. “VERDI” is ready to offer you a close-fitting made of leather, high-quality leatherette or any fabric of your choice. You always choose the color, as we have no restrictions and we are ready to fulfill any wish of our client.

Upholstered furniture is appropriate in any space – living room, cabinet, hallway, veranda, restaurant or bar. If you have a large company and there is a high flow of visitors, then upholstered furniture, such as sofas or armchairs, will also be appropriate in the waiting room or corridor. If you often spend time at the computer, then a chair will also be very appropriate to help you not experience physical discomfort from being in one position for a long time.

If you have a child, you will also start thinking about what furniture to choose for a child to sleep. Sofas made by VERDI for children’s rooms are very comfortable, useful and, of course, very beautiful.

Upholstered furniture from the furniture salon “VERDI” will always be appropriate and original in any room. But a picture is worth a thousand words.

Photos of upholstered furniture of our production
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