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What will make any hostess happy? Of course, this is a comfortable and functional kitchen, which is impossible to imagine without the perfect worktop. And the point now is not even in its form or color, but first of all in its quality. Probably every housewife at least once, but dealt with a low-quality countertop, on which some scratches remain almost after the first cooking. And traces that are difficult to wash off, although they are left by organic products. There is always a desire to buy a countertop that you don’t want to change, and its long-term use will not affect its appearance.

Such countertops are offered by the VERDI factory, which is located in Kyiv. We offer countertops made of different materials, depending on your wishes, you can choose the best one for your kitchen.

Also, the VERDI factory manufactures countertops for bathrooms and bar counters, where a high-quality and good countertop is the most important interior detail.

As you can see among our work below, all of the countertops are custom made and create the perfect ensemble with the furniture. High quality worktops, machined corners, high-quality material make the countertop not only beautiful, but also practical.

If you have already chosen kitchen furniture and you want to replace the countertop, you only need to send its sizes, and our specialists will prepare the countertop for you from the material that you choose.

The material that we use in the manufacture of countertops is of the highest quality. It is heat-resistant, which allows you to safely use the countertop, for example, to put hot dishes on it. In this case, you do not have to fear that the material will be damaged, or a mark will be left. In addition, even light-colored countertops are easy to clean, leaving no traces of food that has been left on it. Unlike a number of other countertops, the quality of which remains in doubt, countertops made by the VERDI factory will always delight you. And they never disappoint.

If you want to equip your kitchen completely, we can offer you ready-made kitchen options with countertops that perfectly complement each other and create a unique and inimitable interior.

Photos of countertops of our production
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