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The theater begins with a hanger, and hotels, bars and restaurants greet their guests with a bar counter.

There are many shops where you can buy a bar counter and not waste time ordering or producing it. It is enough to go to the online store and find the most suitable option in the catalog/ But you should know that each person chooses a product for himself and extremely rarely, having bought a ready-made bar counter, the client is completely satisfied, because everything looks perfect only in the picture.

For each client, the reception desk or bar counter is, first of all, the face of the establishment, by which you can determine the mood and orientation of the establishment.

Photos of bar counters of our production


Are you looking at photos of bar counters and dreaming that one of them can fit perfectly into the interior of your home, bar or restaurant? But maybe you would do it a little differently, because you always want to add something to make the interior look more cozy and comfortable.

It is better to use the services of specialists, masters of their craft, who will take into account all your wishes and make a high-quality, most functional and stylish bar counter.

The VERDI factory declared itself in 2003 and has been the undisputed leader in the production of bar counters ever since. The list of hundreds of satisfied customers will tell you the best about the successfully implemented projects, including: reception for Sofiyivsky Posad Hotel (Kyiv), furniture and reception for FourPointsbySheraton Hotel (Zaporizhia), furniture and bar for Kapelyukh Art Restaurant (Kyiv), mobile bar counters for NeroAroma coffee, bar counters-islands for Frogurtino yogurt shop, furniture for Bondi coffee shop, bar counters for Lasunka ice cream.


It is important to note that the specialists of the VERDI factory understand that the bar and the reception should be not only aesthetically attractive, but also as functional as possible.

Different materials are used in the production of bar counters and reception counters, depending on the tasks and wishes of the client. So for the socle of a bar counter the polished stainless steel or with the invoice can be used.

VERDI specialists use materials such as laminated chipboard, glass, solid wood, veneer, fiberglass, artificial stone, acrylic, natural or eco-leather to produce the facade of the bar or reception counter.

Materials such as artificial acrylic stone from world leaders Corian (Corian), Staron (Samsung), Tristone, Hanex, artificial stone Montelli are widely used by specialists of the factory “VERDI” in the manufacture of bar countertops. It is also possible to use quartz stone Caesarstone, HanStone to manufacture a bar. At the customer’s request, the bar counter or reception can be made of natural wood, solid pine, ash, oak, hornbeam, beech, which will usually add warmth to the interior and emphasize individuality.

There is nothing complicated for the VERDI factory to use LED lighting, to age wood or metal in the manufacture of a bar or reception counter.

Only the specialists of our factory will offer you the perfect combination of price, quality and order fulfillment time.


For daily care of the bar you will need a damp cloth napkin or towel and household degreaser. Use hard surface cleaners to clean stubborn stains. It is better not to use abrasive sponges, but even if this happens, be especially careful to keep the product in perfect condition for many years.

After using chemicals, rinse the surface of the rack with water.

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