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The history of the chandelier steps into the distant past. Initially, it was an ordinary lamp, not very original. In the 17th century, cathedrals and temples were decorated with chandeliers, but later, with the need to illuminate houses and large buildings, they became part of the interior and an indicator of high status, because any chandelier of that distant time was a unique work of art.

A new era has come with the advent of electricity, and it entailed the emergence and use of various designs and the use of materials that were not previously popular – the texture, colors and styles of execution changed.

Today, chandeliers are not only an indicator of status or an addition to your interior, they are a separate art form, the production of which should be approached as competently and seriously as possible.

Allocation of light and shadow

Lighting design is a complex process that requires not only the ability to choose the chandelier you like or make it according to the sketches of famous designers, but, first of all, the correct understanding of the allocation of shadow and light, because it depends on how comfortable and cozy the room will be.

The Europeans were the first to come up with a balanced lighting system, they managed to create a balance of light and shadow in the room. You need the help of professionals to create such lighting.

Choosing a chandelier is an important process

There are countless shops where you can buy a chandelier and not waste time ordering or producing it. It is enough to go to the online store and find the most suitable option in the catalog. But you should know that each person wants an individual product and extremely rarely, having bought a ready-made chandelier, the client is completely satisfied, because everything looks great and suitable on the screen.

You will need knowledge of physics and the exact sciences to choose the right chandelier, because the allocation of light is not a simple thing. What should you do? Trust the experience and knowledge of people who are really competent in the matter of producing and selecting a chandelier for you.

Professional look

The VERDI factory provides services for the production of chandeliers of any kind of complexity. We approach each order individually, according to your taste and preferences. It is important for us what you think about us and what opinion you will have after cooperation with us. Our team works for you.

We use high quality materials, emphasizing the individual style of the client.

Only our deeds will tell more picturesque about our work – customers who have already received their finished products and delight their guests with them.

Our customers are people who know the taste of art and beauty. Some of the recent works that can be seen in the photo are a chandelier for the culinary studio of Hector Jimenez-Bravo, a chandelier for the Silenza brand store and other products that deserve your attention.

The VERDI factory gives warmth and light to our customers.

Photos of chandeliers of our production
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