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Kyiv, Ukraine

Many people, seeing the beautiful photo, can’t even imagine how much work was invested in the interior of the BEEF meat & wine restaurant. A team of American architect Alberto Foyo, restaurant owner Ruslan Shibayev and furniture maker Serhiy Levkovsky worked on the renovation project.

At first glance, the project was very simple, but it was only at first glance. The fact that the architect was physically in America, and the architecture of the room did not have a single right angle on the facade of the building complicated the work.

It was decided to divide the entire project into stages to implement this complex renovation project:

  • design;
  • 3D measurements of the room;
  • verification of planning by creating an exact copy of the planning from cardboard and laying it out in a restaurant on the floor;
  • creation and approval of the master model for each unit of furniture;
  • selection of materials and components;
  • furniture production;
  • installation of furniture in the workplace;
  • refinement and adjustment of light;
  • photo session.

And now in more detail for each furniture product:

1. Metal flowerpots are a work of art. This is an example of how different metals behave when using a variety of chemicals and techniques of metal processing. Especially for this project, we have created a tank measuring 2200x1000x1000 mm to etch the metal in the finished form of each section. This made it possible to create the effect of blued metal without visible seams. Each wave was bent by hand using the art of minting and heating metal.

2. Cabinets with built-in light. Here we had to become not only furniture, but also professional electricians. We had to face large voltage drops that burned the led lights in a matter of hours (the voltage at the start of the hood could drop to minus 50 volts and after the start to rise up to 100 volts from the negative voltage). If you know how the led cluster works, you will immediately understand the level of the problem we were able to solve.

For the best result you need a team: an architect, a customer and a furniture maker. And the desire to overcome difficulties and have time to create super cool things.

Our team:

Alberto Foyo is the architect of the project.
Ruslan Shibayev is the owner of the restaurant.
Serhiy Polyushko is a photographer of the project.
Trone Grande – production of sofas, solid wood tables, solid wood pots and plywood, which is covered with matte white paint.
VERDI – production of metal pots, drovers made of metal and veneered plywood, MDF cabinets covered with matte white paint and built-in LED-light.

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