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Despite the age of full computerization, there are practically no families who do not have a TV or monitor to watch movies in their home theater. And if there is a TV, then there is also a place on which it stands or hangs. Many people use fasteners for walls, so it saves space. But if the area allows, then a cabinet or shelf is used, because in addition to the TV, you can fit a lot of other useful things in it.

The VERDI factory offers you a choice of various options for cabinets that are not only functional, but also decorate your interior, bringing some zest to it.

If the room where the TV is located is not very large, you can use the combined version, where the monitor itself is hung on the wall, and under it there will be a cabinet that can be used to store disks, flash drives, a laptop, a tuner and other devices.

Moreover, using a not very wide cabinet, you can visually increase the space. And the drawers and shelves in the cabinet will allow you to hide those little things for which there is always not enough space in an apartment or house.

If you are considering how to equip a children’s room and plan to install a TV or monitor there, or a workplace with a computer, the VERDI factory is ready to offer you ready-made solutions that perfectly cope with the task of efficient use of space, endowing it with functionality and individual charm.

If you decide to equip a home theater in your house or apartment, we are ready to help you in developing the design of the room, equipping it with all the necessary furniture – a TV cabinet, upholstered furniture, a bar counter and everything you need to create coziness and comfort.

The VERDI factory carries out projects of any complexity, because we are professionals, and all the work that we produce for our customers is of high quality. The individuality and uniqueness of the models allows you to make your interior very special, which will emphasize you and your preferences as much as possible.

The material that we use in our work is a high-quality material that has all the necessary certificates and quality assurance. Thanks to this, your furniture in the interior will serve you for a long time.

Photo of TV stands of our production
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