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A Small Review Of Bar Counters

A small review of bar counters

What do you think, what distinguishes bars, restaurants, clubs, in a word, some entertainment establishments from others? Quite right, first of all, the chosen style direction in interior design! On this basis, the bar counters are in this decoration, perhaps the most important elements. The element of the bar counter in the interior is so necessary that a decent, self-respecting client can be done without it. Full exclusive, maximum comfort, chic and brilliance of the bar counter, made of the most relevant, modern materials, create a unique image and, as a result of all costs, in an institution full of people! The efficiency of doing business in this area, sometimes, may depend on the smallest details of the decor. It is a fact!

Today, visitors to such establishments and entertainment centers enjoy visiting those establishments that give them a sense of coziness and comfort in communication. It is not necessary, however, to extol bar counters for bars so high. In the kitchen interior bar will fit no worse, and, certainly, will not be superfluous. On the contrary, it is able to bring extraordinary sensations to your kitchen space, filling such an important room with a bright personality, unique style.

For a successful selection of the bar, you need to have the right guide on what to look for, first of all, and what to assign a secondary value. So, this rack consists of two modules – the line of the front and rear, and the upper tier on the columns-supports. The module of the bar counter line in front is equipped with a basic (neutral or cooled) module, a special module for a coffee machine or a beer tower, a corner module, refrigeration, thermal, neutral showcases. In addition, a car wash, bottle holders, a place for cash can be included with the base module. It should be noted that the front module provides both a guest surface and a working one. The module of the bar counter line at the back consists of the upper tier, attached by suspended elements to the ceiling and the lower tier, carrying the basic idea of this design. It is this upper tier that carries the main design load, therefore, often materials such as glass, mirrors, wooden and metal elements are used here.

The main requirement that bar counters for cafes must withstand is the highest functionality, the geometric data of which racks would not hamper the movements of neither visitors nor the bartender. Ergonomics – this is the key to true success! As a rule, the front line is equipped with special handrails and footrests, thereby, bar counters for bars and cafes allow customers to feel the maximum comfort and also serve as decoration for the rack. The material for the manufacture of individual parts of the pillars is brass, chrome steel, which can quite organically be combined with the exterior of the rack itself, made of various materials. It is often recommended by the leading designers of an artificial (acrylic) stone in the manufacture of bar counters, because its unique properties allow you to pay close attention to yourself. The atmosphere of institutions and entertainment centers involves the active use of various surfaces, including racks, so bar counters for cafes, bars, restaurants put forward stringent requirements for the material used in the operation, mostly the same. These include: moisture and heat resistance, absolute resistance to aggressive (chemical) substances, environmental friendliness. Strictly speaking, the design and design itself can be selected with the help of an entire army of the most experienced professionals in this field.

On our site you can see photos of bar counters, which are made by experts of our factory “VERDI”. Over the years, we have manufactured more than 100 bar counters for restaurants, cafes, bars and homes. On the contact page, there is all the information to contact us, as well as the “order form”, in case you have questions or you want to discuss your project.

The decision is always yours. Change yourself and change others to be able to change something around you. Successful acquisitions and purchases!

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