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Features Of Bar Counters

Features of bar counters

It is known that about institutions and establishments it is possible to judge already on their appearance indoors and outside. Therefore, it is unacceptable to make mistakes, otherwise it will lead to a decrease in visitors, and most importantly reputation. When installing furniture in the offices of companies, cafes, restaurants is important not to save money.

Bar Racks are considered the face of the room. These interior items must conform to the style while performing their direct function. To production of a surface of racks high requirements on the part of the customer are put, as during working day to elements of a surface touch many hands, subjects, wet cleaning is carried out. In Addition, the material of the racks depends on the endurance of the mechanical load. Despite all the above requirements, bar racks must always be ideally.

The question Arises as to whether there is a material that has not been damaged for a long time, applying in difficult operating conditions.

The artificial stone is Usually taken as a basis for the production of bar racks. For example, Corian. Acrylic stone is Also allowed. The material includes the elements that are safe for human health and life:

  • Aluminium Trihydrate is a white powder that is used for the production of toothpastes;
  • Acrylic Resin-The field of application: dentistry, dental fillings.

As It is known, Corian perfectly withstands mechanical influence, it is non-toxic material, is stable in relation to moisture, abrupt temperature changes.

From artificial stone is Made by ebb of forms at manufacture of racks, therefore as a result the product turns out seamless. There is also the fact that in case of violation of the whole structure of the load, the surface can take the initial position. During repair work The special glue of transparent colour is applied. It is Necessary to cut off the damaged part, to replace it new. There will be no noticeable joints or seams. The Surface will become beautiful and smooth, as if only bought in the store.

Bar Racks, made of Corane, is characterized by the absence of uneven surface and cracks in which dirt will not accumulate, develop microbes dangerous for health. Artificial Stone does not require increased attention to oneself regarding care, which provides comfortable work. Korian is not afraid of chemical solutions, which are used to remove very strong impurities, the surface will not suffer.

A Positive point in the use of artificial stone is the weight, because the acrylic material is very light. Perhaps Many people like bar racks made of natural stone. If the customer and the cost of a bar rack made of natural stone, it is necessary to pay attention to the design of the room, which does not always correspond to such massive products.

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